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Bathroom Tissue / Toilet Roll) is the soft tissues, used in malls, homes, hospitals, and other places for maintaining personal hygiene, after human defecation as well as urination. These are the optimum solutions that assist the users to avoid direct contact with wastewater, make the toilets and bathrooms more functional, and assist the users to make the space more hygienic and bacteria-free. Bathroom Tissues are easily disposable papers and designed to decompose, which prevent the usage of other heavy materials, which can clog up the drainage system.

Facial tissue jumbo roll manufactured in Malaysia

Recycled Toilet Roll

We’re always looking to get some dirt on how to tidy our bathrooms as quickly as possible. But have you considered using a natural, eco-friendly way to clean up the mess in the bathroom? Recycled bathroom tissue is absolutely better for the environment when you consider the amount of paper that is re-used to make the toilet paper. It also takes less water and energy than making paper from timber. Plus, it creates less pollution. The trees that are saved from becoming toilet paper go on to produce other (less disposable) products, or are left in their place where they absorb CO2 gas and produce oxygen for us.

Jumbo rolls of toilet paper from a Malaysian manufacturer

Virgin Pulp Toilet Roll

Virgin pulp bathroom tissue is the kind of tissue that does not contain any recycled content and is made directly of the pulp of trees or cotton. This kind of tissue is also considered to be a high-quality paper, it is higher absorbency rates and softer and more durable options that can give customers an enhanced experience.

Bulk tissue paper available from a leading Malaysian supplier

High-quality jumbo roll tissue paper from a trusted Malaysian manufacturer
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